A film that breaks the stigmas surrounding driving anxiety. (2023)

As a filmmaker, Fieke investigates her father’s garage to find answers. Why do the women in her family dislike driving, and why is it wrong to aspire to be a princess who enjoys being a passenger?

Driving anxiety

Regarding driving anxiety, Fieke has always felt embarrassed. 

She was embarrassed that she never got behind the wheel and made up excuses when asked about it. By making the film “Passenger Princess,” she tries to break through this shame and alleviate it. After researching, she soon discovers that several people around her suffer from this. It turns out that other family members also struggle with similar insecurities.

"Your ability to capture a dignified family portrait imbued with love is commendable, as it is not an easy task, especially in obtaining consent from all participants. Your talent for documentary filmmaking shines through, evident in your impeccable timing and editing skills. Your video work displays a level of sophistication that suggests a promising future in this field."